Cathy's Coton Girls


We have the sweetest girls ever.  They are such wonderful pets as well as attentive mommies! Enjoy pictures of our girls below.


Coton Cottage's Eliza Flora


Eliza joined our Coton family in March 2014.  She was 10 weeks old when she arrived from Coton Cottage in Ohio.  Her mother is a beautiful tri-color from Woodland Cottage in Spain.  Papa is a stunning tri-color from Prague.  She is a spunky little girl, full of play and antics.  Her newest trick is to put her front feet into the big water dish and quickly kick her feet, causing all the water to spill onto the floor.  She thinks it is great fun.  We are slightly less amused!  We love her all the same and have welcomed her into our little Coton family with open arms.


Fantastic Angel-Kiwi Klenot Toliary


Kiwi joined our Coton family 2018.  She had been living with Liliana, my business partner but she and Liliana's older Coton did not get along so we took her into our home.  We simply adore her.  She's a bit spoiled (don't know how that happened).  She loves to play fetch and come swimming with us - although she mainly hangs out on the shallow step and begs for us to throw her ball the whole time we're swimming. Kiwi came from Klenot Toliary in Prague. 


Happy Lady Haven Klenot Toliary


We call her Haven. She joined our family in August 2016.  We imported her from Klenot Toliary in Prague as a puppy. 

She's a delightful, sweet girl.  Haven is one of our biggest females.


Carbonebianco Tangerine Dream (Haylie)


Haylie and her sister joined our family in October 2016.  We purchased her from a show breeder in Hungary.

Haylie spent a little time in the show ring before joining our family. She is a true beauty with a personality too sweet for words.


Carbonebianco Tanita (Hannah)


Hannah is Haylie's sister.  She is my little snuggle bunny.  She is less outgoing than her sister. 

She would rather be sitting in my lap than anything else in the world!


Isha of CLC

Isha comes from my friend, Melinda Jones of Cotons of Lakeview Cottage. 

She loves to play hide-and-seek every night at bedtime.

She thinks it's a fun game! 


My Darling Dogs Inca

Inca is our first ever rare and beautiful black and white Coton.  We purchased her from Glenda at My Darling Dogs. 

She is amazingly sweet and gentle.  We are very excited to have Inca join our family. 


Ireland of CCC

We kept Ireland from Chardonnay's final litter before her retirement. 

Ireland was sired by a breeder friend's dog, Gustavo Beaureguard of CC.  



O'Joy the Sweetest Coton

We imported Joy from The Sweetest Coton in Poland.

Karolina is showing her dogs and doing very well in the show ring. 

We are so excited to have two of her girls.  Joy has a sweet, quiet personality.   


Jara Rose of CCC

Jara is out of our Delta's final litter.  She was sired by Cotonbrie Nureyve Best Dance. 

She's a real sweetheart and quite a beauty! 


Kaley of CCC

Kaley is out of our very own Indi and Carlton.  I wasn't planning to keep a puppy from that litter but Kaley stole my heart and is now a permanent member of our Coton family!  I changed her name slightly after I decided to keep her because I looked up Kali and did not like what it represents. Kaley keeps getting more and more beautiful with every passing day.