Our Coton Boys


We have been blessed with absolutely gorgeous males. 

Our first stud was Unique Prince Kazer (sired by the 2003 World Champion Coton).

He was followed by several amazing dogs that gave us fabulous puppies.

Fabien Future Hope of CCC has been our pride and joy for 8 years.  He's ready to retire.

We have our beautiful Kojo - our first black & white male. 

This year we purchased Mufasa, a beautiful tri-color male. 

We recently kept a black & white male from Kiwi's final litter.

Enjoy pictures of our fabulous boys below.



Fabien Future Hope of CCC

Fabien was born on June 8, 2014. He was sired by our own Elvis, who we imported from the famous kennel in Spain - Woodland Cottage.  His mother is the granddaughter of one of our very first Cotons, Viva La Difference.  He has his daddy's sweet, laid-back personality and by the looks of it, his exceptional beauty as well.  We welcomed little Fabian into our home on August 16, 2014. Fabien weighs in at around 13 lbs.




Kojo of CCC

Kojo is out of our Inca and Fabien.  He is a rare black and white Coton.  We are very excited to add this dimension to our kennel. Kojo was born September 30, 2019.  He weighs in at just under 11 lbs.  He has an exceptionally sweet, playful personality.  Kojo loves to play "fetch".  He has been a wonderful addition to our kennel and is giving us very beautiful puppies.


Nicodemus of EEC


My previous breeding partner, Lilianna, moved back to Romania in November of 2021, taking with her 6 of her breeding Cotons.  When she arrived home, she discovered that her mon allowed a couple of her girls to breed.  She sent those puppies to me so I could find good homes for them.  When we saw Nicodemus, we knew he just had to stay with us and be a member of the pack.  He is living with my friend, Ruth Scally. Ruth works for us 3-4 days per week and, of course, brings Nicky with her so he can run and play with the rest of the pack. We all adore his sweet, playful personality.



Nuka Mufasa of Downing Street


It took longer than expected, but our little Mufasa became a part of our Coton family on April 6, 2022.  We acquired him for Paige at Cotons of Downing Street in Florida. He is a gorgeous tri-color with a fabulous, thick coat.  It has a great personality.  He loves to play and keeps us laughing.  Then when he's had his fill of playtime, he's ready to snuggle up next to one of us.  He's perfect!   


Noki of CCC


Noki is a gorgeous black & white male Coton out of Kiwi's final litter before she retired from breeding.  He a gentle, sweet boy.  We are excited to keep this line going through this amazing little boy.