The Coton de Tulear Brag Page

We are very proud of our puppies and so are their new owners.  This page is for Cathy's Cuties owners to brag and show off their cuties.  If you own one of our puppies, feel free to send us pictures and/or stories to add to this page.


Just a little update on Maisie to say THANK YOU!
Maisie was from Elsa (Sandy Frost) and Kojo born July 12, 2021.  She is absolutely gorgeous and looks a lot like her Grandma Inca.
Her personality and disposition are delightful and EVERYTHING we hoped for in a Coton.
I follow all of the grooming and feeding recommendations on your website, which is very helpful.  Her coat is just beautiful!  I really think the rinse with Tee Tree and Lavender oils at the end of the bath is AMAZING!
Maisie has been a huge blessing and joy for me.  I truly believe we were meant to be.  I cannot imagine any other puppy!
Thank you so much for making this joy possible!  
Have a happy holiday and peaceful New Year!
Margie Hourihan


Lulu Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to say hi and say the first week went well. She is so smart and so playful.
Going on the grass pad so far-have not moved to outside grass! But she is doing so well.
Thank you again


kinleyliberty Hi Cathy,

We just wanted to say thank you and we LOVE our puppy, Liberty!  She is amazing and has stolen our hearts.  She is so smart, playful, cuddly, and sweet!  She is eating great, sleeping great, and doing great with potty training.  Thanks again!

 -Heather, Mike and Kinley Walker

stephanieHi Liliana and Cathy,

Kamy started her Puppy training classes and is a little star. We love her so much! She makes us laugh every day with her antics.She loves to nap between our goldendoodle's legs. Kamy has brought her back to life. They are inseparable.



peterHi Liliana and Cathy,

An afternoon of people socializing! Had a fantastic vet visit. They were very impressed! You did great work! Everything is going very very good here.



kevinHi Cathy,

I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to check in with you and Liliana and let you know that Kairo is doing great. Our vet was very impressed with how healthy he was and we have you to thank for that. He is sweet and playful and has a great temperament. He loves our other dog, Seamus, and follows him everywhere. We love him so much and feel so fortunate to have him in our family. Again, thank you for all of your wonderful support and attention in helping us prepare for his arrival and bringing him into our home.

We wish you both the best!




 lorrainHi Cathy,

I just wanted to give you a little update on Jennie, now Georgie. She was one of Jolie’s pups with Liliana. Honestly I couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s super smart and gets everything, potty training is going very well too. She’s the perfect addition to our home and it took a while but now both dogs are getting on great. I also have both of them on pawTree and they love it. These dogs have the perfect temperament for sure. Your doing great work in the world.