Living Environment for Our Cotons

We love our Cotons and want each one of them to have the happiest and healthiest living environment possible.  Living in a hot and arid climate, we have created a little oasis in the desert where our dogs can be comfortable and grow up healthy and strong. 

Our Cotons are part of our family and are well socialized with all family members, friends and guests.  Potential puppy buyers are encouraged to come to our home to meet us and our Cotons and play with the puppies when they are old enough for visitors.  Everyone thinks they are delightful and beautiful creatures.


Our dogs have their own kennels in which they eat their meals and sleep at night. That way we can ensure that each dog gets the proper amount of food each day as pregant dogs and lactating moms need more than the others.  It also alerts us to a potential issue if we see that a dog is not wanting to eat. 

Our cotons have a lush, grassy yard measuring over 3,000 sq. feet where they can run and play together. The fully covered patio has access to our kitchen where they can take shelter from the elements whenever they desire. In addition, we have opened up a large grassy area that is adjacent to our backyard.  This used to be the chihuahua run but we have not bred chihuahuas in many years, so that area is now open to the Coton.  They love having so much wide open space to chase each other and play.  Click the picture below for a video tour of our backyard.  

Below is a little video of the kennel area for our puppies, which is located in what used to be our formal living room. It is affectionately called "the puppy room" now.  It is open to our kitchen on one side and our family room on the other side so the puppies are a part of our everyday lives.  From there they are introduced to all the sights and sounds of daily family life-an important part of the socialization process.