Housebreaking Your Coton

potty park

We begin the housebreaking process by using the Indoor/Outdoor Potty system by Loobani. It is a plastic tray with artificial grass on top. The puppies will begin crawling over to the grass at around 3 weeks of age to relieve themselves. By the time they are 6 weeks old they rarely potty anywhere but on the Pet Park. If you live in an apartment or will be gone for hours at a time, you might want to consider purchasing something like the Pet Park. You can always replace the grass pad with a disposable pee pad for easier clean up. To order, click on the image above.

We recommend crate training a very young puppy. If a puppy is given too much freedom it will be confused and potty all over the house. This complicates the housebreaking process (you can read more about this on the Crate Training page). Remember that your puppy will need to go out to potty first thing in the morning and within 15-20 minutes of eating. Come up with a single word that will be the signal word for going potty. Say it when you take your puppy out to potty and again when your puppy relieves himself. Cotons are very intelligent dogs. They catch on quickly.