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Coton de Tulear Puppy Feeding Schedule

Feeding Schedule for your Coton de Tulear

Having a consistent feeding schedule for your puppy is very important. We strongly recommend scheduled feeding vs. free feeding your Coton. Feeding on a consistent schedule allows you to control your pet's caloric and nutritional intake every day. Letting your pet eat whenever he or she wants often poses a major risk of over-feeding or under-feeding your pet.



Feeding Schedule for your Coton de Tulear

Your puppy will be ready to eat dry kibbles when s/he arrives at your house. We feed our dogs twice a day--breakfast time and dinner time. We start the puppies off at 4 weeks of age by soaking the kibbles then mixing it with water in our Ninja blender to make a "gruel". By 6 weeks, we just give the softened the kibbles and by 8 weeks they are ready for dry kibbles. They love it!

*From arrival to 7 lbs. feed up to 1/4 cup kibbles at each feeding. BEWARE!!! Overfeeding causes diarreah! pawTree is a very nutritionally dense food so please follow our recommendations. Your vet may advise you to feed your puppy 3-4 times/day. If you choose to do that, simply divide the 1/2 cup of recommended food into those 3-4 feedings.  We have founds that our puppies do just fine with 2 feeding/day. In the morning, crumble 1/2 of a NuVet wafer on their food. At the evening meal, give them half a squirt of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (start slowly, using only a drop or two at first then working your way up to the full half pump) and sprinkle 1/2 capsule of Gastro Pro Plus over their food.  To add variety you can include a shake of pawPairing, half a crumbled pawTreat or a shake of Bone Broth as well.

*From 7 lbs. to 14 lbs. feed 1/3 cup kibbles at each feeding.  In the morning, give them 1 whole NuVet wafer; at the evening meal continue with the pump of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and 1/2 of a capsule of Gastro Pro Plus. To add variety you can continue to include a shake of pawPairing, half a crumbled pawTreat or a shake of Bone Broth as well..

*If the dog reaches 17 lbs. you may begin to increase the amount to as much as 1/2 cup at each feeding if you feel your dog. looks underweight.

Be careful not to feed your dog too much. If s/he starts to put on too much weight you should cut back on his/her food. With small dogs a few kibbles can make a big difference.

Be careful about feeding "people food" to your dog. Some foods that are good for us are toxic for dogs such as chocolate, raisins, ham....If you are going to give your dog "people food" give him healthy snacks like baby carrots, apples, and lean meats. Then don't forget to cut back on the kibbles. An overweight dog is NOT a healthy dog.

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