Male - Female - Coton de Tulear Puppies for Sale

Adopt an Older Coton

From time to time we have an adult Coton available for adoption. When we retire a dog from our breeding program, we look for a lovely, responsible forever home for them.  On rare occasions, a Coton comes back to us and we help the owner find a new home for their Coton. Below you will find older Cotons that are looking for a new forever home. 


Luna - Sold

Love a Coton de Tulear PuppyLuna is retiring from our breeding program and is in need of a new forever home. Luna was born July 1, 2019. Luna has a very sweet, cuddly disposition. She will sit with you while you watch TV and follow you around the house. We are asking $1500 for Luna.

Harvey - Available

Love a Coton de Tulear PuppyHarvey is a rare black & white male Coton de Tulear. Harvey was born on January 8, 2022. The asking price for Harvey is $2500.

Harvey is a very attentive boy.  He follows me wherever I go. He loves to lie next to me while we watch TV at night. Harvey is very playful. He loves toys! 

Meet our Coton de Tulear Breeder

Cathy & Mike Lowdermilk

We are Michael and Cathy Lowdermilk.  We live on 1.6 acres in Mesa, Arizona. We are hobby breeders.  We started breeding Chihuahuas in 1992.  We discovered the Coton de Tulear breed in 2004, purchasing our first dog from SanDee's Cotons in Texas.  Our first litter was born about a year and a half later.

Michael has an MBA and owns his own tennis academy called Professional Tennis Management.  Cathy has a Doctorate in Education Administration and worked for 25 years in an inner city Phoenix district as a teacher, an instructional coach and the English Language Learner Coordinator for the district. In January 2018 she happily retired and stays home with the Cotons now.  We are both passionate about our dogs and puppies.  This is a true partnership and joint effort.  We work together to manage the daily care of the dogs, while Cathy answers phone calls and emails and does the weekly updates to the website.  We both pitch in when it comes to grooming the dogs--and giving them love and affection, of course!

Meeting new people and making new friends is an added benefit to breeding. Visitors are always welcome to come meet us and our dogs.


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